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About Us

CMGS is an energy and chemical research company that has developed several solutions to the proof-of-concept point. The Company has dedicated substantial research to date into the properties of and pathways involving alkenes, a common fuel that is derived from renewable and readily available resources anywhere around the globe. CMGS will offer an array of products and value-added consulting services to participants in the energy sector, helping its clients everywhere diversify their energy portfolios in order to achieve lower emissions, strengthen energy independence, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Our Products


CMGS’ flagship invention to date is U6, a synthetic hydrocarbon gas that offers the potential to supplant non-renewable energy sources. U6 is a drop-in replacement for natural gas. It can be produced nearly anywhere in the world from abundant resources. U6 can be used throughout the existing natural gas infrastructure without any modifications. It is currently ready for large-scale testing.

Additionally, U6 enables the reliable manufacture of petroleum-free plastics, not to mention fertilizers, pesticides, and every other application that uses natural gas as a basic input for its hydrocarbons. U6 will redefine how consumers and industries relate to energy products. These applications are ready for initial testing and validation.


CMGS has also invented a natural gas wellhead converter that enables natural gas extraction companies to increase the quality of their output, and thereby increase their returns on investment. This converter, branded as Titan, removes contaminants, reduces water, and has a design that is flexible enough to be deployed at any natural gas wellhead in the world. The Company has developed bench-scale devices that can decisively inform the development of large-scale converters.

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One particularly attractive use of U6 is in the creation of Ethanol+, which has up to a 30% higher energy content than gasoline, but which is still primarily made from commodity ethanol. This will make Ethanol+ an environmentally friendly and politically viable solution to the sustainable fuel conflict that is currently being played out in Washington, D.C., and at every gas station across the country. Ethanol+ research has highlighted these attractive features, but will need to be developed and more broadly tested before release.

Company Overview

Most of the Company’s inventions have demonstrated viability and potential in small scale testing, while others require further development before validation. A third-party, ASME-certified laboratory was able to verify the structural components of U6, and initial functional tests have been extraordinarily promising. Before CMGS launches its products, however, they will be submitted to rigorous laboratory and field testing that will allow the Company to refine its initial hardware, scope of services, and market positioning.

The Company will license U6 production to experienced petrochemical firms, using carefully considered and strictly drafted agreements to ensure CMGS’ long-term interests remain secure in its valuable intellectual properties. The market for natural gas in the United States, despite the current lull in prices, reaches $6 billion per month. This provides CMGS with a substantial opportunity in the $297.7 billion per year Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction industry in the U.S., not to mention developing a global presence as the Company develops and enhances its intellectual property portfolio.

Internationally, due to the lack of hydraulic fracturing to extract gas combined with increased skepticism towards nuclear power, natural gas prices are much higher: by as much as three-fold in Europe and four-fold in Japan. These factors have become more important following the United Nations’ adoption of the Paris Agreement in December 2015, which seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase availability of financing for climate-resilient development.

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